Money Energy Monthly

“I have never been good with money, and money has always been something I worried about or stressed over.  During the Jin Chan money energy clearing, my worries went away.  And since I have been less stressed about money, and even received a raise at work.  I have not touched my blessed money that is hanging on my vision board.  Any other time in my life I would have had to have spent it.  Loving the energy it has brought into my home.”

Doretta Parker

“I cannot thank Marianna enough for finally allowing me to break out of my so called shell.

In the past 4 weeks that I have spent with Marianna in the Release your Fear Program, I have changed my life around 180 degrees.

I was able to identify and mange my deepest, darkest thought and fears. By unlocking my past lives, I have come to understand, accept and love the life I was given this time around. I now stand tall and proud. I now finally realize that I can rise above all the physical and emotional obstacles that I have deliberately  creating myself. Thanks to Marianna, my new motto is ” I am a beautiful human being, who deserves more credit that I give myself.”

I can now say with confidence ” It’s Ok. Take a deep breath. Tomorrow is another day.”

It feels like a have shed tons of emotional weight and I am ready to move on and open myself to the abundance.”


“I am so thankful you came out of the closet!! You have truly changed my life and way of thinking. I feel so much more empowered and self reflective in the most positive way. You have helped me open up to my gifts and nurtured that growth so much. I am so much more forgiving of myself after our few sessions. All of these positive changes have led into my personal life and I am seeing such a positive change. You’re the best!

If anyone is even questioning doing a reading, DO IT!! Give yourself the freedom to grow!”


Release Past Lives

“This was the best experience I have had…I wasn’t sure what to expect…but I trusted Marianna because she has never stirred me wrong…it was intense digging up emotions I didn’t even realize I was suppressing…through the process I learned about my inner strength and how to lose the self doubt…and turn negative thoughts into positivity. It was interesting learning about my past lives and how the hurt in those past lives are affecting this life time. After letting the hurt go, cutting those cords, my out look has been so uplifting and positive. love, love, love Marianna❤️”

Doretta Parker

“Marianna is amazing and on spot every time! I love her and the peace she has given me!”


“I want to let the whole world know how amazing my reading was with you (Marianna)yesterday! I’ve had several readings through out my life and honestly you are awe-inspiring! Thank you for the enlightment. Your truly a beautiful soul..”


“Marianna thank you for your time this morning! Spot on and amazing!”


Goddess Divine

“Love, love, love the energy Goddess Hera has brought into my life and home. Each week we had a mantra that we would say as much as we need to each day. January 19, my mantra was “My words have power, and I have the right words!!! I am stronger than this nicotine addiction…it no longer serves a purpose in my life….I am able to over come it, changing my destiny.” And every time I had a cigarette craving I would say that mantra and the craving went away. I have not had a cigarette, and I have hardly any cravings. I love the positivity, strength, and energy that has come into my life as well as my home since joining the Goddess Circle. I look forward to the months and Goddess’s ahead”

Doretta Parker


No psychic is 100% accurate- I have a high accuracy rate, but only God is perfect.


A reading or channeling may provide information that will assist you in determining life choices, that you feel are in your best and highest interest.  It is very important that you use this only as a tool and do not live your life solely based on information from a reading healing or channeling.  Ultimately, it is the choices you make and how you live your life that will determine your future. This is what many consider Karma.


I do not diagnose illness. I do not claim to cure illness.  I am not a doctor and you should never start or stop medical treatment without speaking with your doctor.


We reserve the right to decline to services to anyone for any reason.


No returns or refunds. Exchanges, replacements or store credit may be given on a per case basis.

For International Orders or Special Orders, please email me at Dismiss

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