About Marianna Y. Smith

 The Beginning of Psychic Mediumship

Thank you, for being with me on this journey of realization and transformation.  I have always been a Psychic Medium, Intuitive, past life visionary, and spiritual seer. (Spirit Animal, Buddha’s, Angels, and Saints among others.) Many people in my life did not know about these abilities. It is only in the past two years that I have come out of the psychic closet!  This process is the most amazing and SCARY thing that I have ever done.

When I was a little girl, the only person that I confided in was my grandmother.   She, told me not to say anything to anyone because I might be committed.  Please, understand that she meant well. Grandma’s reasoning was that we were immigrants from Belarus.  As immigrants we had language barrier already.  We would not be able to explain that I was a pure gift from God Medium who could communicate with all different spirits, no matter the language or culture barrier. So, taking heed of her advice, I closed my gifts down. I stopped communicating with spirits and became afraid of it all.

Psychic Medium Development

It was not until 2007, when I found my spirituality through the Temple based on ancient Chinese believes, that I have found myself again. I was given a gift from God, reminded who I truly was and the oath I took in heaven to help people here on earth. Hopefully, I will be able to help many people to connect to their loved ones.

With all of that said, I am pleased and excited to start this new journey with my readings, jewelry and anything else that comes my way!  Thank you, for all of the support that I have received so far and I hope this is just a beginning of a beautiful new chapter in my life!


For International Orders or Special Orders, please email me at marianna@mariannaysmith.com Dismiss

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